For Computer Science Students

For learning computer science, you need to know math. You need to have an idea of electronics, how computer systems work.

Unlike many people believe, computer science is not gaming or even programming computers. It is more to explore how interesting and complex problems can be efficiently solved using computers. Thus, computer science needs critical thinking, problem solving skills and creativity.

In general, computer science needs good knowledge of discrete mathematics, number theory, data structures, algorithms, and a basic understanding of electronics.

If you are a computer science undergraduate, you decided to learn computer science because of your interest in the field or the possibility of an exiting career path. Whatever the reason is, you have chosen a very interesting field of knowledge.

Some of you may feel that you ended up in something that is totally different from what you originally thought it was. Don't be discouraged, computer science has a lot to offer for almost anyone. Just that you need to explore a little bit and find out what you are passionate about. Computer Science offers exciting future opportunities ranging from theory, programming, graphics, hardware, web design, and artificial intelligence.

Here are some interesting links that we compiled for you:

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