Security Tools and Resources

Security Tools

In this section, we will discuss the tools and techniques for basic information gathering. Depending on what operating system you use, the syntax may vary. These are to be run at the command shell.

  1. Hostname: the name of your computer can be found out by the command hostname.
  2. IP Address: Under DOS, use the command ipconfig, under Unix, the command is ifconfig for finding the IP address. (See Computer Networks page)
  3. Gateway: the above commands may also be used to find out the Gateway. Gateway is the computer to which data packets are sent for forwarding to other computers.
  4. Routing Table: routing table contains the route information for forwarding data packets. You can display routing tables using the command netstat -r. Routing Table can be created or modified by using route command.
  5. Network Connections: netstat can also be used for finding information on network connections from/to your computer. Under Windows, netstat -bv displays information on network connections and the programs establishing those connections.
  6. Physical Address: the physical adddress of an interface can be found by using the command ipconfig. The other information you can find using ipconfig are DHCP Server address, subnet mask and DNS Server address.
  7. Netcraft (includes a tool to indentify the Operating System/web server a site is running)
  8. Network Security Tools (site countains links to a number of security tools)
  9. NMAP Security Scanner
  10. (finds out ports and services available)
  11. HPING
  12. Netcat


  1. Trustworthy Computing Development Lifecycle

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